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Cylindrical Grinding
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Cylindrical Grinding

So what is external and internal cylindrical grinding?

Cylindrical grinding is a mechanical, metalworking process used in hard fine machining in which a workpiece, usually cylindrical in shape (e.g. shafts, axles, sleeves, rings, gears), is precisely ground to size and surface finish. The cylindrical grinding process helps reduce surface roughness, precisely set diameters and maintain tight tolerances.

While external cylindrical grinding removes material from the outer surface of a workpiece, internal cylindrical grinding refers to grinding the inner surface of a cylindrical workpiece.

Both internal and external cylindrical grinding are fundamental machining processes used in a wide variety of industries, including the manufacture of precision parts for engineering, automotive, aerospace, medical and many other applications where high accuracy and quality are required.

Internal and external cylindrical grinding with DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

In mechanical engineering, it's similar to the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers work very closely with tire manufacturers, because the car is ultimately only as performant as the tire that puts the power on the road. This interplay also arises within the DVS Group of Companies by equipping forward-looking grinding machines with perfectly matched grinding wheels and dressing rolls that contribute to optimum machine performance as a complete system solution, thus paving the way to "Future Mobility". 

  • DVS Universal Grinding GmbH offers customer-specific solutions around the technologies of turning as well as cylindrical and surface grinding of internal and external diameters in one clamping.
  • BUDERUS Schleiftechnik is one of the leading suppliers of precision machines for internal cylindrical, external cylindrical and thread grinding, also in combination with hard turning operations, in the field of hard fine machining of rotationally symmetrical components.
  • Founded back in 1871, NAXOS-DISKUS manufactures precision grinding tools for double-sided surface grinding, external cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, and gear grinding. Depending on the application, the grinding tools are manufactured from conventional abrasive grit to ultra-hard cutting materials such as CBN and diamond.

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Integrated manufacturing with the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

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