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Large bearings for wind turbines

Extremely precise large bearings are critical for the efficient and trouble-free operation of wind turbines. The machines of the PV and BV series can handle everything from heavy-duty to precise fine machining of components with a diameter of up to 4,000 mm.

Many renowned bearing manufacturers have been relying on the efficient and precise manufacturing solutions from the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP for years.

Our services:

  • Soft and hard turning
  • External and internal cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding

For components such as:

  • Bearing shells
  • Bearing rings
Our technologies and solutions
Pittler PV series

The modular PV series enables the configuration of multi-technology machines and the complete machining of rotary components with diameters from 350 mm to 4,000 mm.

The series includes single-spindle machines, machines with two separate work areas, each with a tool carrier as well as pendulum slide machines to optimally balance non-productive and productive time.

The product range is designed to ensure that all applications such as turning, grinding, drilling or milling can be carried out on the machines. The individual models can also be fitted with a Y-axis to enable PITTLER SKIVING.

Find out just how extraordinary flexible the series and its equipment options is.


The machines of this series are based on PITTLER's PV series and guarantee extremely economical hard-fine machining of large components due to their high level of accuracy and variably configurable work area.

The individual configuration of the grinding spindles enables optimal adaptation to your requirements. Five-axis machining makes the series extremely flexible. This can optionally be used for internal and external cylindrical grinding.

The use of natural granite as a base ensures high thermostability of the entire system.

Thanks to our many years of experience with this machine concept, we can meet your highest demands and ensure that the system will be up and running in no time.

Diskus - Werke Schleiftechnik DDW – Diskus double face grinding machine

The machine type with horizontally arranged spindles is a box frame welded construction made of steel with two coaxial, opposite grinding spindles. The main drives of these directly driven, liquid-cooled motor spindles each have an output of 24 kW to 100 kW.

Transporting the workpieces is possible with the widest variety of designs. Depending on its geometry, a linear feed can also be used. With this type of setup, the workpieces are fed and guided to the grinding tools using guide rails. A proprietary Diskus IONIC measurement control ensures a 100% measurement at the discharge.

The measurement results of this post-process measurement control are transmitted to the machine control, a SIEMENS 840D sl, and used for automatic correction, if necessary.

Case StudiesConvincing practice

The expansion of wind energy is creating demand for gearbox components for wind turbines. This requires rotor drive manufacturers to rethink short delivery times, innovative production and assembly processes, and new production lines.

But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? Using efficient manufacturing processes and high-performance quality control. Read here why you can rely on our machines and expertise for even the most demanding gear components.


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