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“Modular thinking meets tailor-made solutions – for our customers and their visions.”

Frank Götz

We and our customers are changing the future of robot automation.

Get an overview of our products services for component feeding, machine loading, and the packaging of components. Find modular solutions for your high-end manufacturing requirements. The Vision system in combination with the industrial robot is at the heart of producing economically and makes the entire process more intelligent and viable. Our FX module series meets the requirements on functionality, design, and economic viability through the use of innovative image capturing. 

We use the modularization principle whenever possible for the efficient realization of tailor-made solutions.

SALES OF FX MODULES AND ROBOT SYSTEMS Good solutions start with listening closely

We are your perfect partner for all questions concerning robot systems and automation – especially when it comes to complex tasks.

Dirk Hablick

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Within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, rbc robotics is the specialist for camera-guided robot systems and automated processes – a cornerstone of the group’s adaptive, technological system.


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