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DVS Universal Grinding
Because the future demands it: quality, efficiency, flexibility.

DVS Universal Grinding

“DVS Universal Grinding is customer-oriented, flexible, and adaptable in order to accommodate unique requirements at all times.”

DVS Universal Grinding GmbH is all about hard-fine machining. We achieve maximum efficiency in not just one, but two ways by intelligently combining the hard turning and cylindrical grinding technologies: First, we improve the quality of our customers’ machining processes through greater precision, and secondly, we enable them to produce more economically thanks to shorter set-up and machining times.

But in order to be future-proof, we also leave room for maximum flexibility: Thanks to its modular design, our DVS UGrind can be adapted to a wide range of machining tasks, such as hard turning and cylindrical grinding of shafts and chucked parts for contract manufacturers as well as manufacturers of clamping devices, milling tools, components for automobiles or agricultural machinery, or for general mechanical engineering.

Vertrieb Good solutions start with listening closely

Contact us. We are your competent partner for anything concerning hard-fine machining or hard turning and cylindrical grinding technologies. 

Felix Herrmann, Design Engineer
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E felix.herrmann@dvs-ug.de


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Within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, DVS Universal Grinding is the specialist for hard-fine machining by hard turning and cylindrical grinding – a cornerstone of the group’s adaptive technological system.


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Finding solutions for complex customer tasks


Finding solutions for complex customer tasks