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Maintenance, repair and retrofit
Turning old into new

Maintenance, repair and retrofit

The service life of reliable machine tools depends crucially on regular maintenance and any necessary repairs. Our trained and passionate team, combined with a well-equipped spare parts supply, guarantees short downtimes and optimum functionality of your machines.

We don't just rely on conventional maintenance, but offer you comprehensive solutions. Regardless of the age or condition of your machines, we not only carry out maintenance and repair work, but also optimizations, modernizations and complete retrofits. We give your DISKUS machines a second life and ensure that they meet the constantly growing demands of modern production technology.

Regular maintenance ensures the performance of you machine Inspection

During an inspection, we subject your machine to a technical check. Using a checklist that our technicians draw up together with you, you have an overview of the condition of your machine.

Regular inspections detect existing defects at an early stage, significantly reduce the number of downtimes and increase the availability of your DISKUS machines. 

If spare parts are required, DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik will always replace the necessary components with a functional warranty.

We carry out the following inspections for you:

  • Geometric inspection
  • Lubrication check
  • Bearing noise measurement
  • Bearing measurement of the spindles
  • Inspection of wear parts
New or exchange Assemblies in original quality

Machines and assemblies from DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik are durable, but the ravages of time leave their mark on everyone. If excessive wear becomes apparent, we recommend replacing the affected assemblies to avoid downtime.

We are happy to replace the following assemblies:

  • Main spindle drives
  • Feed systems (slides for infeed axes)
  • Disk changing aid
  • Dressing assembly and its workpiece feed/drive systems
  • Planetary gears
  • Measuring probe / position control
From classic car to new machine Overhaul of assemblies

It is not always necessary to completely replace assemblies. As part of an overhaul, we analyze the assemblies of your machine in detail and prepare a detailed and transparent cost estimate tailored to your needs.

We are happy to offer you an overhaul of the following components:

  • Motor spindle bearings
  • Quills and grinding shafts
  • Dressing assemblies
  • Workpiece feed gears
  • IONIC measuring probe
  • Position control system
Turning old into almost new Mechanical complete overhaul

The mechanical overhaul includes an as-is assessment of the mechanics, replacement of all wearing parts, thorough cleaning of the mechanical components, a new paint job and commissioning with proof of function and quality. This comprehensive process ensures that the overhauled machine meets the highest standards in terms of both performance and aesthetics. 

The basic mechanical overhaul includes the following work steps:

  • As-is inspection of the mechanics
  • Replacement of all wear parts
  • Cleaning of the mechanical parts
  • New paintwork
  • Commissioning with proof of function and quality
Mechanics & electrical control Retrofit

Is your machine tool showing signs of time? We can give it a new lease of life!  

The service life of reliable machines is closely linked to regular maintenance and any necessary repairs. However, our service goes beyond conventional maintenance. Regardless of the age or condition of your machines, we not only offer maintenance and repair services, but also optimization, modernization and complete retrofits. 

The following measures are included in a retrofit:

  • Actual inspection of the machine
  • Replacement of all wear parts
  • Cleaning of the mechanical parts
  • New paintwork
  • Latest generation Siemens control system
  • New electrics, new control cabinet, EMC-tested
  • New safety technology, new CE
  • Commissioning with proof of function and quality
  • Training course