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Your system partner for PRÄWEMA gear honing
DVS Tooling Your system partner for PRÄWEMA gear honing

In the technology toolbox of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, DVS Tooling is the specialist for PRÄWEMA gear honing tools and services. At the DVS Tooling plant in Hemer, we produce honing rings and dressing tools that set standards in quality – both with regard to precision and efficiency. As a system partner of PRÄWEMA, we offer tool solutions that are precisely tailored to the process and use specially developed technologies to yield the highest level of surface and profile quality for geared components. 

For users to get the most out of PRÄWEMA gear honing, we also complement our tool range with technology support services, such as training and process design support.

„Gear honing is a fascinating technology that we are excited and passionate about.“ 

Sandro Schäfer

Sales Good solutions start by listening

We are your ideal partner for anything concerning honing and the associated tools – especially when it comes to complex tasks. 

Andreas Thielmann – Head of Sales 

T +49 (0)2372 55 250-0 



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In the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, DVS Tooling is the specialist for tool solutions and technology support for PRÄWEMA gear honing – a cornerstone of the group’s adaptive technological system.


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