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Solutions for today and tomorrow

Solutions for today and tomorrow

“Passion for technology is also fueled by a commitment to working together.” That is what we strive for every day.”

Dr. Markus Brumm

Investments made today into production plants or technology must still be profitable in the future. Our answer to ever shorter product life cycles lies in flexible and scalable solutions.  

Our vertically integrated machining centers are critical to setting economic and technological standards today and in the future. They are the basis upon which we and our customers develop innovative and future-proof manufacturing solutions. Thanks to the transfer of knowledge and technology within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we are in a position to provide and implement integrated solutions.

SalesGood solutions start by listening carefully

We are your perfect partner for all questions concerning skiving and turning – especially when it comes to complex tasks.

Christian Rhiel - Managing Director

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Christian Rhiel von PITTLER T&S

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In the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, PITTLER is the specialist for vertically integrated machining centers for turning and gear cutting – a cornerstone of the group’s adaptive technological system.


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