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Visionary and solution-oriented
People and management Visionary and solution-oriented

PITTLER has lefts its mark in the history books of German engineering. And that is also why PITTLER is compelled to continue the company’s innovative spirit from the previous 130 years in modern times.

Today, tradition and innovation, pragmatism and vision, reliability and flexibility are closely intertwined at PITTLER – both in terms of the technical solutions as well as the company's management and the individual employees who live by this credo every day.

Contacts for inquiries
Managing Director Markus Brumm

“My name is Markus Brumm, I'm a mechanical engineer and have been developing manufacturing technologies and solutions for drive technology ever since graduating.

As the managing director of PITTLER, I use my 20 years of experience and provide impetus for new developments. I appreciate that our offices are only 30 steps away from our assembly hall, as this allows me to get my hands dirty every once in a while. The machine is the most likely place where new ideas and

solutions are developed, not the boardroom.  

I'm proud to be working with an expert team of creative and innovative staff members. What sets us apart is our staff’s ability to develop solutions that push the boundaries of what was previously deemed inconceivable. Our staff want to create and make a difference. 

I firmly believe that PITTLER is on the right path. We are continuously improving and taking responsibility for our decisions. The mettle and resilience of a customer and supplier relationship is particularly brought to the fore in the case of technical challenges. In the end, transparency and openness always pay off.” 

Head of Sales Christian Rhiel

“My name is Christian Rhiel, and I have been with PITTLER since 2007. Since 2013, I have been in charge of the sales departments at PITTLER and at our sister company WMZ GmbH.

My job is very exciting and interesting because I work in an innovative, international environment every day. Our offices abroad and customers around the world allow me to work with a wide variety of cultures and ways of thinking, which adds not only to my professional, but also my personal development.

The top priority in this international environment is always on customer value. Each and every day, we look for ways to make our customers' production more effective, solve production problems and bottlenecks, and to manufacture workpieces to an even higher level of accuracy.  

Flat hierarchies and close cooperation with the other specialist departments form the basis for innovative machine and technology solutions that our customers benefit from in their daily work.

I'm particularly proud of my sales team, who are not only machinery sales reps, but who also provide extensive assistance to our customers through their profound technical and technological know-how.

Development and Technology Adam Gacka

“My name is Adam Gacka, and I have been Head of Development and Technology at PITTLER T&S GmbH since September 2019.

After studying aerospace engineering at RWTH Aachen University, I graduated with a doctorate as a research assistant at the machine tool laboratory. Subsequently, I worked for ten years as a design manager in a large group in drive technology. Looking for a new challenge, I took a leap and joined the medium-sized enterprise PITTLER in 2019.

One of the first things I've learned is that every penny counts in a medium-sized company. You feel directly responsible for the success of PITTLER. 

What makes my team special is our quest for innovative solutions and the continuous probing of the state-of-the-art in order to find new approaches.

Moreover, PITTLER is not about short-term profit, but long-term success.

I believe there is vast potential for development and possibilities here. PITTLER T&S GmbH enables not only individual further development in your field of expertise, it also gives interested, committed, and dedicated employees an opportunity to take ore responsibility, get to know different areas, and have a full career.”

Project Management Günter Becher

“My name is Günter Becher and I am responsible for project management and quality management for PITTLER T&S in Dietzenbach.

By combining the two fields, me and my team are able to offer our customers optimal project management support and guarantee a high-quality manufacturing process for machines and systems through our certified process workflows. 

As part of my job I am always involved in the further development of our machines in all departments. One of my objectives is to incorporate our customers unique perspective during the project into the continuous improvement process. 

The close cooperation with the customers throughout the various machine projects facilitates out-of-the-box thinking and positive takeaways for the benefit of our company's success. 

Understanding the customer's point of view and the employees involved in the creation process of the machinery is a special challenge that we enjoy taking on. It's all about working as a team. A win-win situation for both sides is only possible if the customer and supplier are on the same team.”

Service Damir Pticar

“My name is Damir Pticar and I’m the Service / After Sales Manager at PITTLER T&S GmbH, where I draw on 30 years of experience working for the company.
 Together with our service team, I solve the everyday challenges and problems of our customers.

Our interactions with customers from all over the world makes the job interesting for me and my team. Together with our international DVS service locations in China and the US, we use the close cooperation to best represent our company internationally.

My department works closely with our construction departments, so that we can react quickly and expertly, even in the case of complex technological challenges. I enjoy working with a competent team on creative and innovative solutions and improvements and integrate them sustainably into our products. For me and our company, it is important to build and maintain an open and trusting partnership with every single customer.

A satisfied customer and their positive feedback gives our team the motivation necessary to continuously improve in all areas.”