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PVSL – The vertical pick-up lathe
Our machinery PVSL – The vertical pick-up lathe

While conventional manufacturing solutions require two standalone machines for two-sided machining, the PVSL series combines two work areas including a central automation area in a single machine. 

Optionally, we can also add external automation and robot cells for you. 

The combination of short travel paths and the pick-up loading system guarantees short cycle times for the series production of complex components. 

Do you have further, more specific questions about the PVSL or the PITTLER machine program? Contact us so that we can work with you to find the right solution for you.


Parallel and turning machining


Flexible workpiece feed from the rear of the machine into the automation room


Loading via storage table for up to 45 minutes of standalone processing


Automatic part separation – no defined placing of the raw and finished parts necessary


NC lift-off holder for brake disc machining


  • Flexible feeding of workpieces from the rear of the machine into the automation area, means very high degree of additional handling possibilities

  • Double pallets on the shuttle for parallel machining possible.

  • Lifting and turning station

  • Highly flexible and quickly set-up storage or turning station

  • Further applications such as, e.g. sensors or camera for orientation or, in the case of parallel machining, one probe for both spindles possible

  • Workareas

  • Large work area for components up to 550mm

  • Single or double turret just as possible as an NC lift-off holder, deposit station, drilling spindle or multi-spindle drilling head.

  • Measuring probe

  • One separate measuring probe possible per working area

  • Recessed in the machine bed and retracted into the work area via slide (perfect chip protection)

  • Video: Complete machining of a truck brake disc
    DVS Technology Group: Differenzialausgleichsgehäuse
    Video: Bearbeitung eines LKW Differenzial-Gehäuses

    Video: Machining of a truck differential housing

    Technical specification*


    PVSL3 / 2-2

    PVSL N1 / 2-2- 2400

    PVSL N1 / 2-2- 3000

    Workpiece diameter max. in mm:




    Workpiece height max. in mm:




    Technologien: Technologies:

    Drehen, Bohren, Fräsen

    Drehen, Bohren, Fräsen

    Drehen, Bohren, Fräsen

    Max. S1 – Torque of the main drive [Nm]:




    *Different workpiece geometries require more individual machine designs. For this reason, the technical data given here serve as a guide, but may deviate from reality in individual cases.


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