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The application determines the correct machining strategy
Ring gear The application determines the correct machining strategy

The ring gear is part of the planetary gear. It serves as the housing for the planetary gears, which are driven by a sun gear. 

Planetary gears offer a simple means of increasing torques and speeds and are therefore widely used from bicycles to passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses through to conveyor technology, raw material processing, and even mixers and agitators. 

But as varied as the eventual applications are, it is equally complex to find the right, i.e., economical, machining strategy. 

PITTLER offers various concepts for the individual requirement.  

From complete machining (from raw to finished parts in two set-ups) with low or medium quantities or high roundness requirements, through to combination machining of turning and gear technology resulting from high quality requirements for the shape and position tolerances, to offsetting the machining times of an interlinked production line for gear cutting only at high output volumes. 

PITTLER offers solutions from modules 0.15 to 12 and diameters from 50–2,000 mm