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Sustainable, cooperative, and quality-driven
Values and sustainability Sustainable, cooperative, and quality-driven

We are a medium-sized company from southern Hesse, and history has shown us that the key to success lies in continuous further development and adaptability. We are both proud and humbled by our history, and we know that our future depends largely on one thing – us! That is why we want to make sure we do our part for a better future. 


Many times, the manufacture of new products requires resources that pollute our environment. This includes energy, lubricants, tools, or the machine and its wear parts. Our machines also consume significant energy in non-productive times. That is why we aim to increase productivity with our technologies in order to produce more parts in less time. The minimization of rejects and faulty production is also a core goal in order to minimize any associated energy losses. 

Another important approach is to shorten the process chains and integrating processing steps in a machine tool. We believe this to be another way to save energy.

Our products are used to produce new drives to generate and convert energy. We invest in the development of new technologies in order to produce today’s and tomorrow’s products with minimal resources.  
Our products are flexible and not just built for a single purpose. Even after many years of use, we support our customers to keep their PITTLER machines up and running after many hours of operation and to convert them for new machining tasks. Our products are durable and therefore particularly sustainable. 


Working together is important to us. We have a responsibility towards our customers and our suppliers. The progress we strive for can only be achieved through reliable cooperation. That means we want to be transparent and open. Especially in complex situations. We are getting better every day, and we use challenging situations to emerge even stronger and with new solutions.


We are ISO 9001-certified and work continuously to improve our processes and working methods. We have the effectiveness of our processes checked regularly and receive feedback for further improvements.