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Brake disc
Workpieces Brake disc


  • Cast machining with fluctuating allowances, initial quality depends on the positioning of the cores 
  • Tight tolerance for parallelism of the braking surfaces required for minimal run-in wear and good noise behavior 
  • Machining in two set-ups is the state of the art today 
  • Torque transfer with gears (spline) 


  • Machining of OP10 and OP20 with oriented transfer  
  • Machining of gears with driven tools 
  • Provision of allowance  
  • Taking account of residual stresses through optimized process sequence 
  • Simultaneous machining of brake surfaces with NC lift-off holder 
  • Optional post-process measurement 
  • Custom automation solutions 
  • Balance check of brake discs 
  • Marking of workpieces