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History and future
PITTLER T&S GmbH History and future

Known today as PITTLER T&S GmbH, the company originates from the “Invention” machine factory founded on July 11, 1889. Over the course of the company's long history, PITTLER made it not only through WWII, but also through many ups and downs. As mirrored by today's production solutions, the company remained flexible and scalable at all times and never lost focus.

From the start, PITTLER has been a provider of lathes and turning technology. The solutions feature flexibility and scalability. While the first PITTLER lathes were operated with a foot drive, today's PITTLER lathes are mechatronic systems with an NC control and many different sensors.

The company was originally based in Leipzig and moved to Langen in southern Hesse after the WWII. The state of Hesse supported the company with the reconstruction after the war. PITTLER is still located in Hessen today, where the company manufactures machines for customers from all over the world.

PITTLER T&S GmbH is proud of its 130-year history and the inventions of the pioneer Julius Wilhelm von Pittler But PITTLER is not resting on its laurels. The key to opening up new development opportunities time and again lies in PITTLER’s desire to creating state-of-the-art value for its customers through new technologies – and now for several years as part of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP.

Today, PITTLER offers turning and milling centers in combination with automation and tool solutions in order to shorten traditional process chains and make complex technologies manageable. PITTLER’s vision is to resolve the perceived dilemma between quality, costs, and productivity in process design by offering customers flexible and scalable solutions.

PITTLER draws on its own expertise as well as the knowledge of its technology partners in the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. Together with its partners, PITTLER is offering forward-looking solutions from a single source.