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The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is home not only to some big and established names in mechanical engineering, but also young and flexible accelerators of digitalization and automation. Together, we are the engine that drives industrial development. The synergies of our competencies enable us to achieve a level of precision in turnkey machining that makes some of the current developments possible in the first place. Our shared philosophy of a user-oriented solution provider successfully solves even the most complex challenges of our customers.

As a leading supplier of products and solutions in the field of industrial automation, we offer automation solutions, machine tools, machine tools, workpieces, and software to a very diverse customer base ranging from small craft businesses to large industrial groups worldwide. The wide variety and combination of products and services within our group enables us to respond to the individual needs and requirements of our customers from a wide range of industries and to deliver customized solutions in the µ-range. 

Discover our extensive industry and workpiece portfolio:

Tools, materials, machine parts Machine Tool Manufacturing

Traditional machine tool manufacturing refers to the production of machine tools and their components that are used in industrial manufacturing to machine, form and finish metals, plastics and other materials. This field is an essential part of the manufacturing industry and is the foundation for the production of products in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, power generation and more.

We are proud to be part of the dynamic world of traditional mechanical engineering and to help drive innovation. Our customers rely on us for the highest quality and reliability.

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Micro Mobility
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Here you will find only an excerpt from our portfolio. If you are interested in other technologies or workpieces or if you are looking for more individual solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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