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Directors dealings

Pursuant to Art 19 MAR, the members of the management board and the supervisory board as well as any persons legally defined as “persons with managerial duties,” i.e., persons who have regular access to inside information and who are authorized to make important business decisions at DVS Technology Aktiengesellschaft (the “Company”), are obliged to notify the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and the Company of the acquisition and sale of shares in our company or related rights within three working days. The same duty exists for

  • spouses, registered partners, and first-degree relatives (e.g., parents and children)
  • Relatives who have been living in the same household with the above persons for at least one year at the time the reportable transaction is concluded
  • Legal persons for whom the aforementioned persons perform managerial tasks
  • Legal persons under the control of persons with management responsibilities, which were established for the benefit of such a person or whose economic interests largely correspond to such a person.

The obligation exists if the total amount of the business of a person with managerial tasks or of persons who are closely related to this person reaches a total of 20,000 euros within a calendar year.

These notifications are to be published by the Company.

The following notifications are available:

6. Dezember 2021: Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte

14. März 2018: Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte

02. September 2016: Mitteilung über Eigengeschäfte

Articles of Association