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Pitch and azimuth gears for wind turbines

Pitch and azimuth gears for wind turbines

Pitch and azimuth gears are based on smaller planetary gears with matching geared components. Skiving is the ideal method for flexible and at the same time cost-effective soft machining of the gears. On the PITTLER SkiveLine (component diameter up to 630 mm), skiving can also be combined with other processes, for example, turning. Particularly when it comes to the internal gearing of ring gears, there is no better technology than skiving.

Our services:

  • Skiving in combination with turning, grinding, drilling, and milling
  • Turning, internal and external cylindrical grinding

For components such as:

  • planetary wheels, ring gears, bevel gears
  • Gear shafts
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The expansion of wind energy is creating demand for gearbox components for wind turbines. This requires rotor drive manufacturers to rethink short delivery times, innovative production and assembly processes, and new production lines.

But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? Using efficient manufacturing processes and high-performance quality control. Read here why you can rely on our machines and expertise for even the most demanding gear components.

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