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Mechanical Engineering Driving the Future
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Mechanical Engineering Driving the Future

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is home not only to some big and established names in mechanical engineering, but also young and flexible accelerators of digitalization and automation. Together, we are the engine that drives industrial development. The synergies of our competencies enable us to achieve a level of precision in turnkey machining that makes some of the current developments possible in the first place.

Our shared philosophy of a user-oriented solution provider successfully solves even the most complex challenges of our customers. We combine sound experience in mechanical engineering, creative ingenuity, unrivaled technical quality, and economic responsibility.

As a Group we are more than just the sum of our parts – SYNERGY. We provide solutions in a dynamic environment – SOLUTIONS. And many of these solutions are groundbreaking – INNOVATION.

Combining and Leveraging Specialized Expertise


Combining and Leveraging Specialized Expertise

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is more than just the sum of its parts: The exchange of technology, transfer of knowledge, and the conceptualization of systems and modules yield perfectly attuned machinery, tools, and production.

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Machines make products. People create solutions.

We put ourselves in the shoes of the users, which is why we deliver more than just a machine – we support you throughout the entire life cycle before and after your acquisition, and data and information are just as important to us as steel and ceramics.

Flexible Methods and Creative Outlook

Innovations require an environment where ideas can flourish and practical testing is possible.

We use the innovation platform DVSACT to enable as many employees as possible to participate in the process.

And in our production facilities we develop and try out ideas for novel products.  

Good solutions start with listening

We have the solutions and answers for anything related to gearing and surface machining – especially when it comes to complex jobs.

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