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The DVS complete solution for perfect rotor shafts
Technology for electro-mobility The DVS complete solution for perfect rotor shafts

New challenges call for new ideas: The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP modular systems fulfill all needs for high quality, efficiency and flexibility. They make the optimal complete solution for perfect rotor shafts in modern electric motors.

Three pillars of future-oriented production


Significant noise reduction through highest precision.


Up to 40 % cost saving with modular complete and combination production.


Customisable solutions with synergetic technology systems.


Electric drives place higher requirements on surface and gear quality, as well as on geometric tolerances with their high speeds from 15,000 to 30,000 rpm. WMZ machines for soft machining and Buderus machines for hard fine machining are suitable for complete machining –  the number of clamping processes and potential sources of error are significantly reduced.

More important for final product quality are the finely tuned DVS technology systems: Tools, processes and machines within the system are ideally matched, specialists from the individual Group companies are in constant contact with each other and ensure for mutual know-how transfer.

The advantage in quality achieved is not only measurable, it can also be experienced: The significant “Noice Vibration Hardness” (NVH) leads to a noticeably quieter, pleasanter driving experience.


Future-oriented production must also be economically convincing, to be successful in the medium term. The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP system solution ensures that the demand on quality does not  come into conflict: The modular complete and combination production needs less machines and work steps – and hereby reduces the aquisition and maintanence costs, saves place, energy and personnel. The unit costs sink by 30 to 40 % in comparison with  conventional processes – without loss of performance in rotor shaft production.


Whatever the future will bring – one thing is certain: It will bring change. The ability to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions and demands is a necessary prerequisate for the future viability of a company; it provides the required investment security. The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP technology system is constructed modularly. The subcomponents can be adapted or expanded at any time – e.g. with automation. In the case of rotor shafts for electric drives the following components make up the efficient complete solution: The complete production machine from WMZ for complete soft machining of the quill; and, after hardening, the Buderus Schleiftechnik uFlex and 235V machines and the PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik power-honing machines take over for the hard fine-machining.

The integrated production solution for perfect rotor shafts

Along with the high standards, which electro-mobility requires, the demands are also increased on components, processes and machines. The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP responds with modular system solutions and synergetic technology transfer.

Three companies belonging to the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain (WMZ), Buderus Schleiftechnik and PRÄWEMA Antriebstechnik, have bundled their special competences for an integrated production solution for the complete and combination production of monoblock rotor shafts from blank to finished piece. This enables a highly economical production of these sophisticated drive components.

Soft machining – the complete solution from WMZ‘s tooling machine

The WMZ V300‘s carries out the turning, milling, drilling and power-skiving operations in soft machining efficiently and to the highest quality standards with only two clampings.

Hard-fine machining – Turning and grinding with Buderus Schleiftechnik

Buderus innovative hard fine machining solutions meet the extremely high surface quality standards of rotor shafts for electric drives.

Hard-fine machining – PRÄWEMA Antriebtechnik power honing

Power honing developed by PRÄWEMA results in optimal surface qualities for electric drives and is for good reason today‘s industry standard.

Perfect interaction of perfect components
WMZ MACHINE TOOLS Power skiving, turning, milling and drilling

The WMZ V300 is at the front of the production chain with an innovative, multitechnological production solution, which combines the fully-automatic turning, milling and drilling operations as well as gearing with the highly  productive power-skiving. This makes the complete soft-machining of quills possible in only two clampings on one machine. This reduces the preparation, transport and waiting phases – and therefore the entire production time. In addition this means production on only one machine less investment costs and a reduced time-to-production.

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BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK Grinding and power-skiving

The first step of hard-fine machining  follows after hardening the shaft. Minimal geometric tolerances are possible with the extremely precise Buderus Schleiftechnik machines – thus, the highest surface quality required for a shaft is achieved. Buderus offers several innovative solutions for rotor shafts, which, depending on the quantity of pieces desired and spectrum of the parts to be machined, make an optimal production possible. Vibration reducing granite machine beds guarantee maximum dynamic and thermal machine stability and ensure constant reproducibility of the desired production quality.

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Gear honing is the final link in the DVS process chain on the way to a  prefinished quill. Over the past years PRÄWEMA has further developed a technology which leads to lower friction losses and makes an ideal

NVH-performance during gear skiving possible. Today, this „power-honing“ is standard in other parts of the international automobile industry. Honed gearing surfaces are a crucial factor fort the reduction of noise generation and the vehicle’s energy consumption.

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