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Power honing with SynchroFine – more refinement needed?
OUR MACHINERY Power honing with SynchroFine – more refinement needed?

What makes SynchroFine unique is the compact design of all units. All units are mounted on a natural granite bed for optimal thermal and vibration-damping characteristics.

The digital and directly driven tool and workpiece spindles guarantee backlash-free drive and load reversal, as there is no need for mechanical transmission elements, such as toothed belts, gears, etc.

The machine is designed as a self-loading unit (pick-up principle) and is basically equipped with integrated handling units. The components can be fed individually. From simple manual loading through automation solutions with conveyor belts to robot cells with integrated camera functions from our sister company RBC Robotics, we can use a wide range of automations according to your preferences and needs.

For even more efficiency, we can equip the system with two workpiece spindles in order to reduce non-productive times to a minimum.

The digital recording of operating parameters is also standard with the SynchroFine. It can be further expanded through various modules in order to analyze process data and thus continuously optimize processes


Optimized tool costs through flexible VSD dressing strategy


Sophisticated process reliability with short cycle times


Ultra-fine surfaces


Interlock free hard-fine machining

Workpieces and machines


SychroFine One spindle model

The “pick-up” design of the machine enables the simplest of automation concepts. The workpiece spindle takes on the loading and unloading function of both the workpieces and the dressing tools.

SynchroFine Two-spindle model

Even the single spindle SynchroFine achieves extremely short cycle times. With Präwema’s decades of experience in the production of machines with two or more spindles, the SynchroFine type is also used for the two-spindle PräwemaHoning®. This reduces non-productive time down to three seconds.