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SynchroFormV – Efficient soft and hard machining solution

SynchroFormV – Efficient soft and hard machining solution

With the vertical series of our Präwema SynchroFine, we have created a platform on which main and secondary processes can be individually combined and thus even the complete gear can be produced or machined in the soft and hard state.

Depending on your requirements, the gearing can therefore be produced, for example, in the hobbing process and then be hard-finished on the same equipment after the components have been hardened. For this hard-finishing process, PRÄWEMA can draw on its many years of experience in the internal gear honing process.

The modular design of the SynchroForm V offers an optimal platform to add further modules to core technologies such as hob peeling, internal honing, or dressing.

Thus, optimal references can be produced by adding further processes, such as turning or grinding of bores and face surfaces.


Modular technology platform


Efficient turnkey machining for the gearing of drive components


One or two spindles depending on quantity requirements


Versatile technology bandwidth for precise soft and hard machining

Single/double spindle

  • Modular design

  • Can be adapted for the production of geared drive components

  • Single or twin spindle machine for series production

  • Extremely profitable cycle times

  • High-precision machining results
  • Power skiving

  • Power skiving for the production of internal and external gears
  • Gear teeth with interference contour can be produced with significantly less time and at a lower cost than with conventional processes such as hobbing
  • Significant reduction of tool costs for the production of internal helical gears, higher flexibility than broaching
  • Machine, clamping system and tool from 1 competence centre at Präwema

  • Deburring with VarioChamfer

  • Deburring in less than 10 seconds with defined geometry
  • Gear cutting and deburring in one set-up
  • Multi-tooth tool for lowest possible costs
  • Can be used for internal and external gearings

  • Schlagfräsen in der Präwema SynchroFormV
    Impact milling

  • Face splines, face gear machining, ring gear machining, special geometry
  • Conical and straight external gears as well as spur and face gears can be produced economically using the impact milling process.
  • Multi-bladed form-reversing inserts with rough and finish cutters are used as tools
  • The deburring of the workpieces takes place in a cycle time-neutral manner as far as possible, i.e. simultaneously with the machining process

  • Synchronous part production

  • Complete production of synchronous components in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sector by expanding power skiving with technology modules for various processes
  • Pocket groove milling, machining backfilling, sloping

  • Innenverzahnungshonen in der Präwema SynchroFormV
    Internal gear honing

  • Hard fine machining of internal gears
  • Higher torques with simultaneous space, weight and noise reduction place higher demands on the machining of all planetary gear components and especially on ring gears and their gear quality.
  • Hardening distortions are specifically corrected by honing the internal gearing
  • Up to 40% lower tool costs than with hard peeling due to the use of dressable tools
  • High flexibility in gear tooth corrections thanks to VarioSpeedDressing®

  • Grinding & hard turning

  • Technology modules for various processes such as external/internal cylindrical grinding or hard turning
  • No quality restrictions due to reclamping errors, as gear teeth and reference surfaces (bores) are finished in one clamping

  • Wide range of automation

  • Loading shuttle, with light barrier for manual loading
  • Automation cells
  • Conveyor belt solution

  • Die SynchroFormV ist die effiziente Maschine für die Komplettbearbeitung rund um die Verzahnung von Antriebskomponenten
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    Workpieces and machines

    Technical Data*





    Max. workpiece diameter (mm)


    Max. workpiece length (mm)

    290 (center loading) –100 bei (side loading)



    X-axis travel (mm)


    Y-axis travel (mm) (WKZ option)


    Z-axis travel (mm)




    Drive power 100% duty cycle (kW)


    Torque 100% duty cycle (Nm)


    Max. speed (rpm)




    Max. speed (rpm)


    Rated power (kW)


    Rated torque




    *Different workpiece geometries require more individual machine designs. For this reason, the technical data given here serve as a guide, but may deviate from reality in individual cases.


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