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SynchroFormV – Efficient soft and hard machining solution
OUR MACHINERY SynchroFormV – Efficient soft and hard machining solution

The vertical series of our machinery offers a platform on which main and secondary processes can be individually combined, which means that the entire gear cutting process can take place in the soft or hard state.

Depending on your requirements, the gearing can be produced using, e.g., the power skiving process, and the same system can be used for hard-fine machining after hardening of the components. PRÄWEMA has many years of experience with internal gear honing for this hard finishing. The modular design of the SynchroFormV offers the ideal platform for adding additional core technologies, such as power skiving, internal honing, or sloping.

This means that optimal references can be produced through the addition of further processes, such as the turning or grinding of bores and flat surfaces.


Modular technology platform


Efficient turnkey machining for the gearing of drive components


One or two spindles depending on quantity requirements


Versatile technology bandwidth for precise soft and hard machining

Workpieces and machines