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If you want to shape the <br> future, you should foresee it
Hybrid Reactive Index If you want to shape the
future, you should foresee it

„With HRI®, the machine itself tells us how we can optimize the process."

The technologies of the future all have one thing in common: They place significantly higher demands on workpiece quality and process reliability. HRI® works and acts precisely here and makes your PRÄWEMA machine more intelligent: It detects potential damage and errors before they occur and reacts itself to avoid them. The system continuously supplies data that provides valuable insights into the depth of your machining process.

How HRI® secures and optimizes your processes

the process

HRI® automatically monitors your process - and actively reacts to critical values

Detect wear

HRI® detects impending wear and tear at an early stage - and enables preventive maintenance

Evaluate quality

HRI® evaluates the quality of your components - such as clamping devices or honing rings

Three dimensions in one process value

HRI® stands for Hybrid Reactive Index and represents the central analysis and control variable in the process. The index combines the values for three process parameters in one formula and uses them to calculate the process value:

  • Temperature – temperature of the spindles in the running process
  • Force - deviation from the nominal current of the axis
  • Vibration - acceleration in the running process
What does HRI® mean in practice?
  • permanent process monitoring - deviations in quality and impending wear and tear can be identified in advance
  • detailed process control - limit values for process steps, axes, sensors can be defined individually and separately
  • extended status - the machine provides more detailed data for analysis, maintenance and repair
  • Data acquisition via DMC - and therefore reliable traceability
  • Automated feed limitation - using defined limit values
Feed limitation HRI®

The machine feed is automatically regulated by HRI® by entering limit values for current or vibration. As soon as the set limit value is exceeded, the feed limitation takes effect and reduces the feed. If the limit value is exceeded by 120%, the system reduces the feed rate to 0. Only when the measured value falls the feed rate increase again. In this way, errors and damage are actively and automatically avoided in advance.

The HRI® product family
For operators and maintenance HRI®

Is the basic version and contains functions for active monitoring of the process and the machine in detail and with dynamic feed limitation.

For process engineers and quality assurance HRIexpert®

HRIexpert® contains all functions of the basic version. In addition, HRIexpert® offers the possibility of using high-frequency data logging to precisely optimize the process and adapt it to the increasing quality requirements. Furthermore, frequency limit curves can be interpreted, and order analyzes can be carried out. Another highlight is the extension of the feed limitation to definable orders.

For visualization and analysis HRI®analyze+

Was specially developed to visualize the machine behavior and the machining process using the log data generated by HRI® and HRIexpert®. Furthermore, special limit curves can be automatically generated, edited and sent directly to the HRI®.

HRI® options



Feed limitation via currents and vibrations

Vibration measurement, the currents / forces and the spindle temperature as a time signal

Individual limit values for each sensor / each axis

Individual error reaction for each sensor / each axis

Logging files with the minimum, average and maximum values for all sensors / axes

Feed limitation via orders

Display of the orders on the machine and individual limit values for the orders

FFT and shock logging files for all sensors

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