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SynchroForm – Synchronization in precision
OUR MACHINERY SynchroForm – Synchronization in precision

Already back in the 1980s, we at PRÄWEMA recognized that the demands and requirements of our clients are becoming more and more complex.

Through the logical combination of processes in a large number of special machinery, we can meet precisely these requirements. 

For the production of synchronization parts, it became clear early on that the logical combination of the main processes of sharpening and locking groove milling with secondary processes, such as roller deburring of the running gear or additional drilling and turning operations, is very expedient. Not only can non-productive time be better used, but above all the capital expenditures for the machine fleet can be significantly reduced. Moreover, the compact design of our horizontal machine tools ensures that the installation space is optimally used. 


Impact milling and gear hobbing


Sharpening in continuous or butt milling process


Economical cutting on synchronous parts


Optimal design for large and small series

Workpieces and machines