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Building the future – for over 110 years
PRÄWERMA ANTRIEBSTECHNIK Building the future – for over 110 years

With a company history of more than 110 years, PRÄWEMA, an acronym for “Präzisions-Werkzeug-Maschine” in German (“precision machine tool”) has been established on the international machine market for a long time.

When the company was founded in 1908, it mainly produced guide and pull spindle lathes. At today's location in Eschwege, PRÄWEMA with its about 300 employees has become a manufacturer of special gear processing machinery, for which the company is famous worldwide.

As a medium-sized company and a member of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP in the field of hard-fine machining of gears, PRÄWEMA has further developed gear honing into the leading machining method and is the global market and technology leader.

With hybrid and electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, new areas of application have also emerged in the manufacture of individual components. Previously, the internal gears on ring gears in vehicle transmissions were not finished. But with today's increasing desire to reduce noise in the drive train, maximum smoothness is required in order for new-generation vehicles to meet the comfort requirements of the end customers. PRÄWEMA’s vertical series of its machinery offers a platform on which main and secondary processes can be individually combined, which means that the entire gear cutting process can take place in the soft or hard state. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the gearing can be produced using, e.g., the power skiving process, and the same system can be used for hard-fine machining after hardening of the components. For this hard finishing, PRÄWEMA has many years of experience with internal gear honing.

In addition to flexible production systems, we are now also offering turnkey processes from a single source. Tool production was expanded at PRÄWEMA for this purpose. As a system supplier within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, PRÄWEMA offers not only the production systems, but also the necessary tools and clamping devices. This allows us to optimally design the production processes and plan them in cooperation with the ultimate operator. In short: PRÄWEMA takes responsibility for the entire process.