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Gear Honing
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Gear Honing

So what is gear honing

Gear honing is a specialized honing process used to improve the quality of gears and gear components. In gear honing, the teeth of gears and other toothed components are precisely machined to enhance the surface finish and accuracy of the gears. This process helps reduce noise and wear in gears and contributes to improved gear performance.

Gear honing employs similar techniques to conventional honing, where a honing tool with abrasive particles or diamond abrasives is inserted into the tooth flanks. This machining process removes any inaccuracies, irregularities, and surface roughness on the tooth flanks. The result is smoother, more accurate, and highly precise gearing, leading to better contact quality between the gears.

Gear honing is used in the manufacturing of gearboxes, differentials, drive shafts, and other toothed components to enhance the performance, durability, and efficiency of gears. It is a crucial step in the production process of precision gears and contributes to extending the service life and reliability of machinery and equipment.

Präwema Antriebstechnik is the world market leader in gear honing.

Gear honing with the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

In the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP you will find both big names in mechanical engineering history and young, agile drivers of digitalization and automation:

PRÄWEMA, market and technology leader in the field of gear honing, develops and produces machines for machining and manufacturing gears. The focus is on gears, synchronous parts and shafts of vehicle transmissions. The PRÄWEMA technology portfolio includes milling of detent grooves, undercuts and gears as well as pointing, gear grinding and hob peeling.

The technology of gear honing has been further developed to competitive market maturity with the result that PRÄWEMA is the market and technology leader with over 500 machines sold worldwide.

With original tooling solutions and worldwide technology support for PRÄWEMA gear honing, DVS Tooling GmbH creates the decisive added value for gear producers. DVS Tooling's product range covers the entire tool scope of gear honing. Key products include the PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing ring and the VarioSpeedDresser (VSD) dressing tool.

Discover our extensive range of machines and tools for gear honing and find the right solution for your individual application:

The integrated production of DVS Technology Group
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