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We are Moving the Future – And Advancing your Career
Join Us We are Moving the Future – And Advancing your Career

Sense and Sensibility in Work

In many regards, mechanical engineering is a very straightforward subject. After all, there’s no negotiation with measurement data. But on the other hand, improvements on the micro level may yield precisely the kind of results that make future-oriented solutions possible in the first place – such as in electromobility. This means that what we do is not just correct on paper – it is also important for the future. This is what drives us as a Group.

Collaboration also Decisive for Teams

Whatever we achieve, we achieve as a Group. That is true for the collaboration between our companies as well as the team spirit between employees. Complex solutions are always the solutions of many. That is why communication, exchange, and team spirit are so important to our success.

Learning is Key

When you stop learning, you stop living – at least that’s the case in mechanical engineering. And that is also why we emphasize learning with every employee in the company. We are constantly improving everything, sometimes even things that were previously unknown to us. That is why training and continuing education are especially emphasized in our Group.

Partnership the Recipe for Success

Our business model is based upon outstanding relationships – with our customers and service partners and of course amongst ourselves. Direct communication, fair treatment and compensation, as well as working environment that welcomes feedback are important to us.


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