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Brake disks for Euro7-compliant brake dust reduction
To accelerate progress, you need better brakes

Brake disks for Euro7-compliant brake dust reduction

“Things that benefit drivers and the environment place high demands on production. We have successfully met this challenge.”


Sabri Akdemir

Progress in automotive development has always pushed the limits of what is technically possible. Nowadays, however, additional requirements such as sustainability, safety and efficiency are also becoming increasingly important.

For brake disk production, this means: maximizing performance and service life, minimizing wear and fine dust formation. To produce carbide-coated brake disks precisely and efficiently for this purpose, we have reimagined and modified our proven DVS UGrind.

The result is a new generation of brake disks – made to accelerate progress and to keep pace with the strict regulations of the Euro7 standard.


High environmental compatibility thanks to 90% less fine dust formation


More safety through shorter braking distances


Sustainability and efficiency due to extreme durability

The Euro7 standard for reducing fine dust emissions

A large portion of fine dust emissions in street traffic comes from tire and brake wear. In the future, these emission sources will come into focus under EU7 (European Vehicle Emission Standards). As a technical solution for reducing emissions from brakes, the coated brake disk stands out as the favored response, because it has about 90% fewer emissions than old-fashioned brake disks.  In contrast to environmentally stressful brake disks from cast iron, the new coated brake disk is coated with high-strength materials, such as tungsten carbide or titanium carbide, which reduce wear.

Driven to reduce dust by regulations in the Euro7 standard, the current production process for brake disks is massively changing, so that innovative production and process solutions are in demand. For years, DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been successfully participating in these developments by focusing on the grinding process, tools and automation solutions.

The integrated production solution for Euro7-compliant brake disks

Combining and leveraging specialized expertise

Reconciling the demands for high technical performance with those of the Euro7 standard and brake dust reduction is already a challenge in itself. Implementing the whole thing efficiently and economically is clearly a job for the DVS Technology Group:

To process the latest-generation brake disks with the double-surface grinding process, DVS Universal Grinding has equipped their DVS UGrind with two opposing grinding spindles. We ensure dimensional accuracy through in-process measurement. In the machine, the position in the Z direction and the thickness of the brake disk are determined before processing. Based on this, the brake disk is ground to size on both sides. This allows DVS UGrind to maintain tight production tolerances within a short processing time.

A robotic system supplied within the Group by rbc robotics for automatically loading and unloading the machine with brake disks ensures the necessary throughput.

The grinding disks by Naxos Diskus also come from the DVS Technology Group. This close cooperation between the CNC grinding machine manufacturer and the tool and automation supplier have made the grinding process even more precise and efficient.

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is more than just the sum of its parts: Exchange of technology, transfer of knowledge, and conceptualization of systems and modules yield perfectly attuned machinery, tools, and production.

Our technologies and solutions

For years, the DVS Technology Group has been a reliable partner to various OEMs and brake disk manufacturers in developing these demanding new workpieces through their expertise and solutions in grinding machine and abrasives technology.

Meanwhile, DVS’s subsidiaries Buderus Schleiftechnik and DVS Universal Grinding have ground thousands of coated brake disks for prototypes and samples. This has brought extremely valuable, important knowledge for further developing the optimal grinding process. Processing brake disks requires series-ready production with high unit counts and fast cycle times.

From planning to implementation, the DVS group of companies offers all the individual technology steps necessary. In addition to machines, the DVS Technology Group also offers abrasives and full automation specially designed for brake disks. This allows our customers to optimize production processes and to strengthen their competitiveness on the brake disk manufacturing market.

UGrind und ULoad von DVS Universal Grinding
  • A new machine with two opposing powerful grinding spindles, the UGrind DD, was developed especially for the machining of brake discs on the basis of the UGrind already established in the market.
  • This allows simultaneous machining of the brake disc on both sides using the so-called double surface grinding process. An in-process measurement ensures the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. Before machining, the position in the Z-direction and the friction ring thickness are determined. With this data, the brake disc can be ground to size on both sides.
  • This ensures compliance with the tight manufacturing tolerances within a short machining time.
  • Camera-supported robot systems from rbc robotics for automatic loading and unloading of the machine ensure the necessary throughput. The DVS UGrindDD/DDV can be loaded either via the front or the sides, but a gantry loader would also be feasible.
  • The fact that the automation can be realised by rbc robotics directly within the DVS group of companies minimises barriers and sustainably optimises processes.
CBN-Schleifkörper von Naxos Diskus
Naxos Diskus Grinding discs
  • The hardness of the brake disc coating is up to 3,000 HV. For comparison: common hardened steels are around 570 - 900 HV. These requirements mean that new coating strategies and processes have to be defined and innovations are inevitable in order to survive in this market.
  • The close development cooperation with NAXOS DISKUS aims at optimising the grinding process in terms of economy and quality by striving for a good ratio between material removal and grinding wheel wear. This enables a high workpiece throughput at low tool costs.
UGrind und ULoad von DVS Universal Grinding
DVS UGRIND An incredible basis: the DVS UGrind series

The DVS UGrind 800 is designed for workpieces with a maximum tip width of 1,200 mm. For larger dimensions up to 1,800 mm, DVS UGrind 1500 is recommended. Both workshop machines for universal hard finishing stand out for the same advantages and shorten processing times up to 80%.

  • Complete, efficient processing with grinding, turning and measurement tools on a single multifunction head
  • Ideal for small to medium batch sizes and chuck parts with a tip width of up to 1,800 mm
  • Machine bed made of natural granite for high dynamic and thermal stiffness
  • Consistently precise processing results through hydrostatically mounted tailstock
  • Achieve target dimensions faster thanks to the intuitive DVS UCee operating system
  • Footprint only 7 m² or 8.5 m² including cooling lubricant system
  • Optionally with universal ULoad loading unit

Machine types and versions




Horizontal design

Vertical design

Vertical design

One workpiece spindle, two grinding spindles

Two workpiece spindles, two grinding spindles

One workpiece spindle, four grinding spindles

Compact and economical

Cycle-neutral loading and unloading possible

Cycle-neutral loading and unloading possible


Ideal for large brake disks > 400mm*


* For workpiece diameters greater than 400 mm, the multifunction head can swivel only without a workpiece.


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