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Seeing the big picture in the μ-range
Mission Statement and Values Seeing the big picture in the μ-range

The challenges of the future must be met with technical innovation – and these innovations often require a level of precision that exceeds what has been technically possible to date. The individual solutions of the companies of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP are shared in their respective domains, exchange data and experience, and are coordinated. This renders a landscape of technology that combines accuracy on the micro level for the complete processing of high-precision parts with the mindset of a system solution provider.

Wherever precise gearing and ultra-fine surfaces down to the near-impossible are needed, we offer detailed solutions of the highest quality and combine these into modular system solutions for efficient turnkey machining.

True Partnership

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP brings together some of the most experienced and innovative mechanical engineering companies for high-precision gearing and ultra-fine surface machining. As a unit, we are a leading provider on the global marketplace, and it is our mission to promote and facilitate the technical progress of tomorrow’s mobility as well as other important areas of development through the continuous improvement of our quality. This increase in quality is driven by the synergistic collaboration of the special competencies within the Group. Our technical and economic success relies on collaboration – not only within our company, but also with our customers and service partners.

Solution Mindset

We design machines to solve the problems of our customers. This requires precision, speed, flexibility, sustainability, and often all of the above. Solutions start with listening closely. Solutions are created by people, not machinery. This is why we value not only the highest technical expertise, but also communication and creative skills. A dynamic and complex future requires out-of-the-box thinking and flexible handling.

Creating the Future

Our solutions go beyond the present day. It starts with economic viability, which means a modular, systematic design that enables adaptations to changing requirements years down the road. It also includes precision machining to make the high performance of future-oriented, alternative drives possible in the first place. And it also comprises sustainability, which is important to us throughout all development phases, production, and operation.