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Gearing is our DNA
Facts and Figures Gearing is our DNA

Gearing – besides ultra-fine surfaces, this is our main area of expertise at the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. But gearing is also part of our business philosophy: the interlinking of extremely specialized competencies within the Group, of literally centuries of mechanical engineering experience with modern digital processes and product solutions, and above all of human skills and abilities. This is how we create solutions that surpass anything that the sum of the individual trades could conceivably create. And this yields a level of efficiency that makes it possible to tackle the challenges of the future in mechanical engineering quickly, flexibly, and economically.

Facts and Figures

Key Areas

DVS Machine Tools & Automation, DVS Tools & Components, DVS Production

Annual turnover DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP / DVS AG (Mio)


Group members

13 subsidiaries



DVS Maschine Tools & Automation

BUDERUS Schleiftechnik

develops and produces highly efficient machine and automation solutions that are used worldwide, primarily in the vehicle industry.

DISKUS WERKE Schleiftechnik

has been a pioneer in the special field of face grinding and double face grinding since 1911.

DVS Universal Grinding

manufactures combination machines for the hard finishing of shafts and chuck components with a center distance of up to 1,800 mm.


has stood for innovation in the field of turning, gear cutting, milling, and high-precision lathe machining for 130 years.


develops and produces machines for machining and the manufacture of gears. The company is a worldwide leader in gear honing technology.

RBC robotics

has been a solution provider in Europe for camera-guided robot systems, automation, and process optimization for almost two decades.

WMZ Ziegenhain

develops and produces machine tools for the flexible machining of wave-shaped vehicle components up to 4,500 mm in length, which are completely machined in only one setting process. The company also develops and produces high-precision motor spindles in series.

DVS Tools & Components

DVS Tooling

offers original tool solutions and worldwide technology support for PRÄWEMA gear honing, thus providing important added value for gearbox manufacturers.


Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1871, NAXOS-DISKUS works closely with DVS grinding machine manufacturers to develop individual solutions.


is a service company for machine tools and their modules. The company offers turnkey repairs, maintenance, and modernizations.

DVS Production

DVS Production

produces components for passenger car gearboxes in series for the automotive industry and provides the entire process of soft and hard machining.

DVS Production South

uses manufacturing technology based on Industry 4.0 to mass-produce truck wheel hubs for the commercial vehicle industry.

DVS Production China

manufactures precision components for the Chinese vehicle industry at the Taicang location, based on the example of the German DVS production plants.



1871 Naxos-Union was founded, one of the very first manufacturers of grinding machines. 1911 Diskus Werke is founded, whose face grinding methodology is still an industry standard today. As you can see, the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been home to some notable mechanical engineering history as well as engineering ingenuity from the very start

In the 21st century, the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is still benefiting from the sound experience that exists within the Group, as well as from a new and agile mindset that thinks in terms of solutions, and which combines mechanical engineering know-how with digital processes and product solutions. More than evident: With Mario Preis, the topic of digitization is also firmly anchored strategically on the board of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP.  Group CEO Rolf Rickmeyer, on the other hand, intends to tailor the offerings of the customer-oriented solution provider also to the new challenges of a changing industry.



The headquarters of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has been located in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region in Dietzenbach since 2016. Additional locations of the individual companies and service units of the group are located in Aßlar, Butzbach, Eschwege, Bad Camberg, Sinsheim, Schwalmstadt-Ziegenhain, Hemer, Krauthausen, Kürnbach, Munich as well as in PLymouth (USA), and Taicang (PR China).