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Hard- & Softturning

Hard- & Softturning

So what is hard- and softturning

The turning process is a central step in metalworking. It involves rotating a cylindrical workpiece in a lathe. A cutting tool progressively removes material to achieve the desired shape. Precise dimensions and surface finish are monitored to ensure required specifications. Turning is a versatile process used in a variety of industries, from the manufacture of bolts and shafts to complex precision parts.

The main difference between soft and hard turning is the hardness of the material. Soft turning is used for soft materials such as aluminum, copper or plastics or unhardened metals, while hard turning is used for hard materials such as steel, hardened steel or carbides. Depending on the hardness of the material, the tool selection and turning speed will vary.

Hard turning can produce a very good surface finish, making it an alternative to grinding in some cases. With soft turning, surface finish is often less critical.

Turning with machines from the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

In the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP you will find both big names of mechanical engineering history and young, agile drivers of digitalization and automation.

The company subsidiary PITTLER T&S develops and manufactures high-precision turning machining centers for soft and hard turning as well as drilling and milling of rotationally symmetrical components with diameters of up to 5,000 mm.

DVS Universal Grinding GmbH offers customized solutions for hard turning as well as cylindrical and surface grinding of internal and external diameters in one clamping

In the field of hard fine machining of rotationally symmetrical components, BUDERUS Schleiftechnik is one of the leading suppliers of precision machines for cylindrical and thread grinding, also in combination with hard turning operations.

Discover the wide range of machines offered by DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP and find the right machine for your individual application.

integrated manufacturing with the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

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