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Original tools – true performance
PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing rings Original tools – true performance

Fast initial dressing, ready for use sooner 

Pre-cut PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing rings feature quality that comes much closer to the required series quality than comparable honing rings on the market, which is usually only achieved after dressing during the process. We achieve this with the VarioSpeedProfiling® technology (VSP for short), which yields extremely high pitch accuracy and profile shape quality through profiling during rolling, while at the same ensuring that the entire honing ring gearing remains at a constantly high quality. 

Two zones for improved damping 

The forces applied during gear honing for highly precise machining results are enormous. These forces in combination with component-specific influences can lead to undesirable vibrations during machining, which must be absorbed to prevent inaccuracies. This is why PRÄWEMA ORIGINAL honing rings have two zones: The geared processing zone enclosed by a second zone, the so-called damping zone. This seconds zone dampens the vibrations that occur during machining, preventing their transfer onto the honing head or the machine.