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Training and process optimization
Diskus Werke Schleiftechnik

Training and process optimization

Double-sided grinding or double face grinding is a highly specialized and complex process. To get the most out of a DISKUS machine, a thorough understanding of this process is crucial. Our customized training courses not only provide you with a basic understanding of the grinding process and machine settings, but also deep insights into the intricacies of this specialized process.

In addition to training, we offer detailed process optimization. By thoroughly analyzing the possibilities and identifying performance reserves in your existing process, we provide you with a precise assessment of the potential. This individual approach enables you to increase the efficiency of your production and improve the quality of your end products at the same time.

DISKUS grinding basic training Profound understanding thanks to practical training

A deeper understanding of the highly specialized double-sided grinding process is essential in order to use the DISKUS machine to its full potential. In this course, you will gain detailed insights into the technical aspects, machine settings and subtleties of this demanding process. Together, we will lay the foundation for optimal use of double and face sanding technology.

With our training module you will learn:

  • Basic knowledge of grinding wheel selection
  • What happens in the sanding zone?
  • What are the tilt angles?
  • What influence does the tilt have?
  • What influence do speeds have?
  • What influence does the dressing contour have?
  • How do I avoid beveling?
  • How do I influence the grinding pattern?
  • When do I dress?
Disc grinding advanced course IONIC training

The DISKUS - IONIC is used for production measurement in the machine with in- or post-process applications and includes measurement signal acquisition, data evaluation for surface grinding machine control and CNC signal output for process control. This training course will teach you how to make optimum use of your IONIC and exploit its full potential.

With this training module you will learn:

  • Basic knowledge and function of the IONIC process control
  • Fine adjustment of the IONIC on the set-up process
  • Automatic and manual correction
Produce workpieces even more economically Process optimization

Would you like to increase the output of your DISKUS machine? Experience has shown that there are still performance reserves in high-performance double grinding machines by optimizing your process parameters, machine settings and tools.

Send us a video and quality measurement data and receive an expert assessment of the potential and a cost estimate directly from the manufacturer.

We provide the proof for your requirement Grinding tests

Would you like to validate your offer in terms of quality and cycle times? Or are you planning to secure your investment decision and test new technologies?

We offer grinding trials directly on your machine to test and optimize your surface grinding challenges. You can rely on our expertise.

We support you in setting up new processes Production support

New machine and new workpieces? Do you want to ensure a smooth start to production?

Even trained employees need time to feel confident using the new machine. Adjusting dressing intervals, training for part changeovers and understanding control messages and manuals are crucial - we support you in this.

We offer you the following:

  • Support for up to 10 hours/day
  • Shift support
  • Support for the production team during start-up