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Vision technology – 2D

The recognition of objects using camera-based 2D image recording is a basic application of rbc robotics. Intelligent and reliable pick-and-place applications are only possible if the position and rotation of the components is recognized and automatically processed by the program.

2D recognition x, y and rotation around Rz

The challenge: Picking up of components from a flat surface and placing them in a defined position. Processing of components with a fixed height.

A 2D camera detects the position of the components before they are picked up from a conveyor belt or another flat surface. This makes the applications more reliable and safe.

In addition to tracking displacement and rotation, other characteristics such as the type numbers or other numerical component information can be read out and processed if provided on top of the components. It doesn't matter whether the data was marked with an embossing device or a laser.

The cameras can be installed stationary above the component or on the robot hand, depending on the application requirements.

Tried and tested components from leading manufacturers are used.

If it is a smart camera, the evaluation takes place directly in the camera or in a separate PC. Depending on the use case, we can plan the optimal application for you.

This 2D technology has already been used in more than 300 projects for a wide variety of tasks. The analysis is carried out according to pre-defined parameters. This enables the robot to precisely grip the components and place them in the stacking position.