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Disc Grinding
100% planarity for a wide range of requirements

Disc Grinding

In industrial use, surface grinding of workpieces is often a basic requirement, such as for cylinder heads where absolute evenness is critical. This process entails a wide range of variations and possible uses – it is used in the tooling, ceramics, and automotive industries, among others, where cylinder barrels, housings, covers, or cylinder heads are processed to render the sealing surfaces completely flat. 

Conventional Grinding

Conventional disc grinding wheels

For conventional disc grinding, we are the original equipment manufacturer for the famous double-disc grinding machines from DISKUS WERKE. Our many years of working with our partner has enabled us to manufacture grinding wheels for every suitable application case. Some of the areas of application for conventional grinding wheels are the automotive industry (from engine blocks to conrods), punching, or grinding skies! What makes our grinding wheels unique is the high and consistent quality and dimensional accuracy with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. 


Superabrasive grinding

Disc grinding with CBN and Diamond Grinding Tools

NAXOS-DISKUS can look back on many years of experience in the manufacture of CBN and diamond disc grinding wheels. Our discs are used for many different types of metal and ceramic machining, such as for the grinding of piston rings. These grinding wheels offer a long service life and high dimensional accuracy of the ground workpieces. Our grinding wheels can optionally be covered with a base body made of steel or aluminum. Our ceramic and synthetic resin bonded CBN and diamond disc grinding tools offer complete peace of mind for the future.


Conventional Grinding

Grinding segments

NAXOS-DISKUS produces grinding segments for a wide range of applications. 

The advantage of grinding segments is their ease of installation in the grinding machine. They are also perfect for rough machining to maximize the dimensional and surface properties. One of the possible uses is the grinding of engine blocks. Another example are ball cages that are ground on one side.

Like all of our products, our grinding segments also have outstanding features: excellent cutting performance, low cutting temperature, and impressive self-sharpening capabilities. Our separate production line for segment production is how we invest in your perfect cut.