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Internal and external cylindrical grinding

Internal and external cylindrical grinding

External cylindrical grinding is one of the most common methods used for the grinding of camshafts and crankshafts. Our solutions are best suited for the materials most commonly machined in rough grinding, finishing and angled plunge-cut grinding. 

We enable the highest precision for every field of application by individually selecting the structure of each grinding wheel according to the individual specific application of our customers.

Determining the structure of each grinding disc according the customer’s individual specific application

Parameters taken into account


Dimensions, grinding process, type and hardness of processed material


Feed rate, deliver, area to be grinded


Disk and tool speed, coolant type and dressing process

Conventional grinding XXL external cylindrical grinding wheels

The manufacture of grinding wheels with a diameter of up to 1,600 mm is one of our many specialties. These grinding wheels are used to grind large crankshafts in ship engines, for example. Their gigantic dimensions require a high degree of production specialization. But the larger size doesn’t mean higher tolerances: In fact, the tolerances are proportionally lower and reach a range where the machining process gets very complex. With our XXL external cylindrical grinding wheels and experience of over 150 years in the production of abrasives, we can offer solutions for just about any processing size. 

CBN-Aussenrundschleifscheibe von NAXOS DISKUS
Superabrasive Grinding CBN and Diamond Grinding Tools

Our CBN and diamond grinding wheels enable extremely accurate grinding performance with excellent repeatability. Specially coated CBN grit and newly developed ceramic and synthetic resin bonds form the basis for your CBN and diamond grinding wheels from NAXOS-DISKUS. These special CBN grinding products are used for the machining of very hard and carbide-containing alloys. They can also be used for excellent grinding results with materials such as tool steels, specialty steels, and much more. Our diamond grinding wheels feature maximum hardness, which is why they are also suitable for the machining of amorphous and extremely hard materials.  Made for professionals by professionals! 

Conventional grinding Centerless grinding wheels

For this particular application, a distinction is made between feed-through grinding and plunge grinding. Depending on the situation, you can choose between a single-piece and a multi-piece variant. This may improve the handling when changing grinding wheels, depending on the circumstances. Maximum accuracy and precision in the design and manufacture of the transitions of multi-part wheels is particularly important to avoid impressions of the latter on the grinding pattern. We manufacture these areas with different grain sizes and hardnesses in order to ensure a high cutting rate on the infeed side, especially during through-feed grinding, and a good surface quality on the run-out side.


This unique type of grinding wheel generally uses ceramic bonds. Depending on the type of grinding task, the grinding wheel for bearing seats can be built up in one layer or, if the shoulders and the bearing seat are to be ground in a single pass, also in three layers. We can manufacture these wheels very precisely in multiple layers. The three-layer design also increases the durability of the crankshaft grinding wheels due to higher stability. The fact that our grinding wheels meet the stringent production tolerances of engine manufacturers, among others, is indicative of their uniqueness and a testament to our proven know-how. 

Conventional grinding Grinding segment – round exterior

We manufacture grinding segments in all types of shapes, sizes, bonds, and grain types. One of the main ways grinding segments are used is on grinding wheels. We can manufacture the grinding segments with a base (foot), which enables optimal mounting. These segments make it possible to also retrofit older machine types and bring them up to the current state-of-the-art of grinding technology. We can guarantee you a perfect radial run-out through the processing of the segments as a set. 
We are your partner not only for state-of-the-art technologies, but also in terms of best practices know-how. 

Conventional grinding Mounted points

Our mounted points are used for internal cylindrical grinding. These can be made from conventional abrasives as well as CBN mounted points. CBN mounted points yield a longer service life of the grinding tool. The mounted points from NAXOS-DISKUS are extremely reliable under difficult conditions and at high speeds. They are especially useful for use in hard to reach places. 
In future, mounted points will be used for time-saving simultaneous grinding in many cases. Once again, you can rely on NAXOS-DISKUS as the manufacturer of every conceivable type of abrasive. 

Conventional internal cylindrical grinding
External cylindrical grinding of an E-shaft
External cylindrical angular infeed grinding with CBN
External cylindrical grinding


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