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planetary and sun wheels
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planetary and sun wheels

Planetary and sun gears are components of planetary gearboxes used in various engineering and mechanical applications. These types of gears allow torque and speed to be varied, which is crucial in many applications, such as automatic transmissions in vehicles to select different gears and optimize engine performance.

Integrated production with the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Planetary and sun gears can usually be completely machined on our machines - just like other gear components. In addition to turning, milling, (deep-hole) drilling and grinding, our machining technologies also cover gear peeling and honing, among other things, in order to also completely manufacture toothed components. Here you can get a first overview of our technology competence.

In the following you will find a first selection of the CNC machines and automations of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP tailored to planetary and sun gears. Do you have any questions about our machine program or an individual application? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You have not found the right solution?

Here you will find only an excerpt from our portfolio. If you are interested in other technologies or workpieces or if you are looking for more individual solutions, please feel free to contact us.