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Our service for motor spindles
Service Our service for motor spindles

Our competent and responsive service will support you on site if necessary. Our repair department renews your WMZ product quickly and with a good price / performance ratio.

Our assemblies are designed to be robust and durable. If service is still required, we provide it promptly and competently by putting our production specialists in touch with your problem and finding a solution.

During the assembly of each subassembly we work with an assembly protocol, in which the various tuning work and intermediate results are precisely recorded. Each assembly that we deliver goes through an NC-controlled test bench and undergoes a test run, the results of which are recorded.
Using the unique serial number of our product, we can refer to these assembly and acceptance protocols in the event of service and advise you on what measures are required to solve your problem.

We are able to assess the condition of our assembly at your site. To do this, we use, among other things, modern vibration measurement technology, which enables us to assess whether the rolling bearings in your assembly are damaged. We can also check the measuring systems and clamping devices of your spindle.
Based on these measurements, we can decide what maintenance work is necessary and whether it can be performed at your site.

If a repair is necessary in our factory, the first step is a diagnosis in which the cause of failure of the assembly and the parts to be replaced are identified. Based on the findings, the report of which we provide to you, we submit an offer for the repair with a repair date. After your order, the repair and, if necessary, the re-installation and commissioning of our assembly in your machine will be carried out.

In many cases we offer our customers to keep assemblies for the service case with us.

We are also happy to support you with preventive maintenance, in that our service department will coordinate maintenance and servicing measures with you and define intervals.
If it makes sense to modify a WMZ assembly in order to adapt it to new requirements, we will also be happy to prepare an individual offer.



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