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About us

Who we are

At WMZ, we combine the proximity of a small, agile company with the strength of a broad-based technology group in the background. On the one hand, this enables a broad service portfolio and, on the other, a very direct way of working that is characterized by a decidedly hands-on attitude - we get straight to the point in a solution-oriented manner.

It is important to us that we deal with our colleagues, customers and suppliers closely, fairly and at eye level. We value teamwork and welcome input and commitment from our employees.

Bureaucracy or rigid hierarchies do not exist at our company. We trust our employees and want to shape the future together with them in mutual appreciation.
That is why in-house training is also particularly important to us. We train in four professions and thus invest in our future.



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What we do


Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain GmbH (WMZ) has been successfully active in mechanical engineering for over 40 years.

Initially founded as a training site for NAXOS DISKUS Schleifmittelwerke, the company quickly fulfilled more and more tasks from parts production, component assembly and finally mechanical engineering. Through the takeover of Werkzeugmaschinenbau Sinsheim (WMS), Neue Magdeburger as well as Heid, we integrated successful machine concepts into our program and have been continuously developing them ever since.
In the meantime, WMZ focuses on machines for the complete machining of toothed shafts. Thus, we realize machines for multi-technology machining as well as for highly efficient, automated high-volume machining from modular systems. In this way, we can optimally meet the individual requirements of our customers.

In addition to turning, milling and gear cutting, center drives are our core technology. Center drives allow particularly fast and precise machining of workpiece ends. Especially in combination with a second machine for machining the center of the workpiece, highly efficient, flexible manufacturing cells are created for the complete machining of shaft-shaped workpieces. Our machines are used worldwide and we pride ourselves on our fast and competent service.


Our second business area besides mechanical engineering is the development and production of machine assemblies.

We manufacture high-precision, robust and durable motor spindles for turning, milling, grinding and honing. Likewise, our product portfolio includes multi-axis milling heads and high-performance headstocks.


Since we work with a high degree of vertical integration, we can optimize our products for a wide range of requirements. We design and manufacture all mechanical core components ourselves and can thus guarantee high quality and delivery reliability at market-driven conditions. We also manufacture welded assemblies such as highly complex machine beds.


Being part of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP ensures WMZ access to the latest technologies. Global markets require holistic solutions. In the field of machining technology, the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP has therefore created a basis that offers the highest degree of precision, reliability and economy in the areas of turning, gear cutting and grinding. Under the umbrella of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, independent renowned companies develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions for worldwide application with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of our customers.

Our Certification
VEA Initiative Climate-Friendly SMEs
Buderus Schleiftechnik ist zertifiziert nach ISO 9001

Membership in the VEA initiative is a voluntary and free-of-charge sign from the business community to promote climate protection in companies. Each company follows its own time and action plan.
As a signatory company, we are committed to the goals of the energy revolution: To increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We advocate climate-friendly SMEs, but for this to happen, the political conditions must permit economic and climate-friendly action.

We declare that we will actively work on this,

  • to use energy more efficiently
  • to rely more strongly on climate-friendly energies
  • to support climate protection projects