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Rotationally symmetrical components
RINGS, ROLLERS, GEARS, SHAFTS Rotationally symmetrical components

Rotationally symmetrical components are ideally suited to processing in our standard modules. These can be fed in as bulk material, orderly, or individually.

A cell from our SMART-PICKER series FX PICK handles the supply of raw parts. It can process workpieces in wire baskets or small parts boxes of 400 x 600 mm on floor rollers or pre-oriented layers on pallets or in mesh boxes of 600 x 800 mm or 800 x 1,200 mm.

At the end of assembly or a production process, the workpieces can subsequently be placed into one of the containers listed in an orderly fashion. Interlayer handling is also possible. A cell from our SMART-PACKER series FX PACK will handle this task.



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