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The FX series from rbc robotics features modular, modern, and very compact cells that offer maximum efficiency.

The cells are largely constructed from sheet metal with safety glass on the front. The resulting modules are encapsulated, which not only reduces noise emissions, but also keeps the products clean.

We also effectively reduce the impact of stray light, which is especially important for image recognition systems.

The cells enable the use of different types of workpieces, be it in organized layers or disarrayed bulk materials.

We differentiate the individual series according to container size. 

The cells can accommodate containers or wire baskets on floor trolleys with a basic size of 400 x 600 mm as well as pallets with stacking frames, boxes with 600 x 800 mm or Euro pallets and mesh baskets with 800 x 1,200 mm in size.

A 3D camera or scanner reads the position of the workpieces, allowing the system to remove them at an 8-second interval and place them onto a tray or conveyor belt located next to the cell.

Compact and very agile robots from ABB or KUKA are used. For an even more compact design and to keep the footprint of the cells to a minimum, we use seven robot axes in our modules in some cases.


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