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FX LOAD – T<br>Die FeedLine cell
Die FeedLine cell

A wide range of workpieces can be introduced into our FX-LOAD-T cell by manually placing them on one or more conveyor belts. The cell is suitable for workpieces that weigh up to 1,000 grams. 

The integrated conveyor belts transport the workpieces into the cell in an orderly but randomly distributed manner. The workpieces are recognized using 2D camera technology, they are then removed in a targeted manner in short intervals and placed on a tray on the machine or on a conveyor belt behind the cell. Compact and agile robots from ABB or KUKA are used.

The FX LOAD – T can also accommodate one- or two-layer flat plastic blisters with workpieces. 2.5D camera technology is used to recognize both the component layers and blister borders as well as the workpieces’ height.

The empty blisters can either be removed using a drawer system or discharged via one of the conveyor belts.