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DVS Production South is constantly working on also ensuring the economic feasiblity of increasingly exacting production quality, as well as offering maximum flexibility in order to guarantee sustainability in times of ever shorter product and technology life cycles. 

To achieve this, we can rely on decades of experience in the machining of precision components for vehicle, machinery, and tool construction – we offer flexible production through to complete machining. 

As part of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we always have the most efficient machining technologies for turning, milling, gear cutting, grinding, and gear honing at our disposal. 

Using our state-of-the-art production infrastructure based upon the Industry 4.0 principle, we are a tier 1 supplier producing truck wheel hubs, among other things, for the commercial vehicle industry almost fully automatically and very efficiently in series.

“Flexibility has become the most pivotal manufacturing aspect in terms of future viability.”


Good solutions start by listening

We are your perfect partner for all questions related to series production – especially for complex tasks.

Friedbert Krämer, CEO 

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Our leveraged
technical expertise

In the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Production South is the specialist for precision components for vehicle, machinery, and tool construction – a component of the group's learning, technological system.


Combining and leveraging specialized expertise


Finding solutions for complex customer tasks


Finding solutions for complex customer tasks