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Inspired by Industry 4.0, realized in Kürnbach
WHEEL HUB PRODUCTION Inspired by Industry 4.0, realized in Kürnbach

Closely based on the principle of Industry 4.0, we have implemented a digitalized production line for turning and drilling wheel hubs for the commercial vehicle industry. 

The production line is largely self-organized through a high degree of automation as well as the latest information and communication technologies. Standardized component pallets developed by us use RFID technology to communicate with the driverless transport systems and the four-axis lathes from our DVS technology partner PITTLER T&S. 

For production monitoring, the entire flow of materials and information is displayed on the central master computer where the processing status and the manufacturing quality of the components in production can be retrieved. After processing, finished parts are 100% measured and provided with a so-called data matrix code. With this code it is possible to read out all important production data of the component over many years.

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