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Fast, competent, and worldwide support
OUR SERVICE Fast, competent, and worldwide support

We have a worldwide network of service experts available to safeguard your production processes and ensure your satisfaction for the long run. Through the use of the resources of the entire DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP, we can offer you fast and direct support for all service inquiries, no matter where and when.

Our services are geared towards ensuring your continuous growth as well as meeting your requirements and expectations quickly and optimally. 

Our services feature customer-specific applications, the highest standards, and a wide range of offerings for you: 


  • Control system upgrade, guaranteed availability of spare parts, state of the art 
  • Expansion of range of workpieces 
  • Retrofitting, remote maintenance module, higher machine availability through shorter response times. 

Process optimization 

We examine your process parameter and analyze the potential for improvement

  • Cycle reduction through optimization of processes 
  • Tool optimization (tool life, feed rates, etc.) 

Machine inspection 

  • Guaranteed productivity through inspection of all axes and spindles with a subsequent detailed report 
  • General overhaul of axes and tool spindles 

 Software applications 

  • Installation of a warm-up program, minimization of reject rates after long machine standstills 
  • Q-Variator, parameter synchronization for surface quality 
  • Installation of a “circular forming test,” independent determination of axle accuracies with assessment of limit values 


We train your employees in order to minimize system downtime and increase productivity. 

We impart and broaden basic knowledge and adapt to your individual preferences. 

The training for all departments, from maintenance to process experts, takes place in our training center in Aßlar or directly on your premises. 

  • Mechanic training 
  • Electrician training 
  • Operator training 

Production support 

We offer production ramp-up support in order to ensure your machines' availability and your ability to deliver. 

Service agreements 

Guaranteed production uptime with an individually configurable service contract. This can cover the following services, if needed:

  • Service parts 
  • Repairs 
  • Maintenance 
  • Remote maintenance diagnosis 


Service hotline

In urgent cases, you can reach us by phone or e-mail at:

T +49 (0)6441-8006-732
E service@buderus-schleiftechnik.de 

Serivce Good solutions start with listening closely

We are your perfect partner for all questions concerning solutions for the complete machining of your workpieces – especially when it comes to complex tasks.

Niklas Schleifer – Head of Service 

T +49 (0)6441-8006-732
M +49 (0)160 96433061
E Niklas.schleifer@buderus-schleiftechnik.de