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FX PACK 1200<br />Bin packing cell XL
Bin packing cell XL

Compact, flexible, fast: the XL bin packing cell from rbc robotics.

For VarioBoxes, pallets, and mesh boxes up to a size of 1,000 × 1,200 mm mm and a total height of up to 1,000 mm, this standard cell allows you to reliably and quickly package workpieces in defined layers.

The smart loading software automatically calculates the position of the components in the container. On the operator dialog, you can numerically specify the distance between the components and the edge of the container as well as the distance between the components, among other things. The palletizing pattern is then generated automatically, which means that teaching in the robot is not necessary. Singularities are avoided with the additional robot axis.

Integrated 3D scanners can be used optionally.

The multi-chamber system enables container changeovers independently of the cycle time. That means the robot doesn't have to wait around.

Meet the latest requirements with your production end-of-line: the FX PACK 1200. It offers the perfect solution for the packing of large-volume containers. And it is very space-saving: It allows you to set up packaging systems with up to 5 box positions in the tightest of spaces.