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SMART FLEX<br>Tailored automation
Tailored automation

Are you in search of a tailor-made application? Look no further than our SMART FLEX.

This is where all applications that are not part of our modular system come together: they make special, bespoke solutions possible.

Robot automation of your machine tools, chaining of multiple machines and systems, complex automation with several robots, robots on a single axis: SMART FLEX makes all of the above possible.

We will plan and visualize your system in 3D already during the tendering phase, so that critical aspects can be identified and assessed before the process gets underway.

Then we use a simulation method during the implementation phase, which allows us to identify interfering surface areas and optimally place the robot in the work area.

The final construction finally yields the complete system: fully setup, installed, and commissioned at our plant.

Ask our sales specialists and find out about our innovative and modern solutions.

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