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The universal automation unit of the DVS UGrind

The universal automation unit of the DVS UGrind

With the new ULoad automation cell, the DVS UGrind hard-fine machining center can process small and medium-sized production orders for shaft and chuck parts even more efficiently. The universal loading unit allows the DVS UGrind to be automated for a wide variety of workpieces up to 130 mm in diameter.

The self-sufficient ULoad charging cell with its own control and independent peripherals can be easily integrated into already installed UGrind machines without causing extensive production downtime. A designated chip conveyor can be placed beneath the automation, which means that no additional space beyond the machine’s dimensions is required.


Flexible automation cell for the loading of shaft and chuck parts with different diameters


Fast and precise loading using the swivel loading system


Independent programming and peripherals for quick integration into installed UGrind machines


Good accessibility thanks to the integrated, self-supporting conveyor belt


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