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User-friendly, efficient, and extremely flexible: the DVS UGrind series
OUR MACHINERY User-friendly, efficient, and extremely flexible: the DVS UGrind series

DVS UGrind is a flexible and universal workshop machine that enables users to react quickly to a wide variety of manufacturing challenges. Especially for contract manufacturing, where a large variety of workpieces has to be machined.

  • The clearly arranged interior enables easy access to tools and clamping devices and thus ensures quick retooling.
  • The infinitely adjustable multifunctional head enables the swift machining of any taper angle.
  • The graphical user interface with prefabricated machining cycles allows you to quickly and intuitively create machining programs, without requiring extensive programming know-how.
  • The comprehensive tool management allows you to create and save new tools and recall them quickly when needed.
  • The regrinding function allows you to measure the workpiece again and finish off the grinding process with maximum accuracy.

Impressive efficiency

  • Most of the grinding allowance can be removed much more quickly by preturning. This means that roughing can be omitted.
  • Hard turning also enables very precise machining for maximum-quality surfaces. As a result, it may not be necessary to grind every surface on the workpiece.
  • Turning is usually sufficient, especially with flat surfaces.
  • The dimensions and structure of the DVS UGrind render the unit very robust and guarantee a stable hard turning process, even if the cuts are interrupted as well as in hard metal.

Maximum flexibility

  • Thanks to its modular design, the UGrind can be adapted to a wide variety of manufacturing tasks or modified accordingly.

“The machine is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done quickly.”

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