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We make hard-fine machining more efficient and flexible
DVS UNIVERSAL GRINDING We make hard-fine machining more efficient and flexible

DVS Universal Grinding GmbH is the specialist for hard-fine machining within the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP. The company based in Butzbach, central Hesse, develops solutions from flexible workshop machinery through to highly specialized manufacturing concepts for automated production. In particular with the DVS UGrind, DVS Universal Grinding offers a modern, modular mechanical engineering concept that is suitable for a wide range of manufacturing tasks.

The DVS UGrind is a flexible workshop machine that not only combines the hard turning and cylindrical grinding technologies, it also enables the conceptualization and implementation of specialized systems based upon the same unit, such as for the machining of brake discs or drive shafts for e-mobility.

The DVS UGrind is extremely versatile in use – both as a universal workshop machine for individual parts and small series production as well as for the automated series production of shafts, chuck parts, and brake discs. It embodies our philosophy of guaranteeing maximum future viability through quality, economic feasibility, and flexibility.