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Maintenance – More safety for your production
Services Maintenance – More safety for your production

Appropriate maintenance and repair is a requirement for your production system to operate at peak output. If no or unprofessional maintenance and repair is carried out, you usually end up with significantly higher consequential costs, such as quality problems and unplanned machine downtime. We recommend having your system inspected annually. This way, you always know the condition of your machine, and you will be able take action in due time if any dangers or damage are uncovered.

Our extensive inspection includes: 

  • Discussion with the employee assigned to and responsible for the machine
  • Static testing of all spindles and guides (slack measurement) 
  • Inspection of all additional assemblies 
  • Inspection of all control units 
  • Inspection of all drives 
  • Inspection of fluids and/or pneumatic system 
  • Inspection of filter system (n/a for central system) 
  • Inspection of handling system

In addition to comprehensive documentation, you will also get a catalog with all necessary or recommended overhaul or modification measures. In this way, you can prevent wear-related downtime or delays due to unscheduled procurement of spare parts and ensure the long-term availability of your plant. 

We also have the highest standards when it comes to precise machine geometry. State-of-the-art and high-precision measuring devices are used for inspections and re-adjustments:

  • BlueSYSTEM (Wyler AG) 
  • Circular shape tester (Renishaw)
  • Laser interferometer (Renishaw)
  • Electronic alignment checker (Hubitron)
  • DigiMax-PMV-3D (milling head compensation) (PETEC) 

We offer suitable maintenance services for any type of machine tool as well as targeted inspection and maintenance intervals at a fixed price.



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Services Good service is worth it

The requirements for our service are dictated by your unique production depth. 

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