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DevOps Engineer (m/w/d)
Fulltime / Aßlar DevOps Engineer (m/w/d)

The DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP is a mechanical engineering association well-known companies with core competencies in the field of machining technologies Turning, gear cutting, grinding and gear honing. We employ over 1,400 employees  worldwide and are one of the most internationally leading system providers for machines, tools, and production solutions for soft and hard machining especially of components of the drive train. More information about our group of companies can be found at www.dvs-technology.com.

We, the DVS Digital Unit drive the digital platform setup and digital service innovation of the DVS Technology Group. We are based in Aßlar, central Hessian with best proximity to all DVS companies. Our mission is to create a platform for machine connectivity and data management to unleash the potentials of digital connectivity, process digitization and machine learning.

For the setup and maintenance of our cloud based digital infrastructure, we are looking for an DevOps Engineer (female/male/x) to support us in the sphere of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Microservice Architectures, Middleware and Cloud Services. Skills and activities cover:

  • Setup and maintain build pipelines (Atlassian Stack, Docker, Elastic Container Registry)
  • Setup infrastructure as a code (Terraform, AWS, CloudFormation)
  • Configuration of cloud services (Data Lake, Data Pipelines, Office)
  • Work together in the development team (Python, Java, JavaScript, .Net)
  • Setup and maintain OS running the Edge or cloud applications (focus on Debian)
  • Setup application monitoring and maintenance (Elastic Container Service)
  • Setup and maintain a cloud-based middleware connecting DVS assets

We are open for candidates to enter the learning path towards cloud, in particular AWS Mastery. Ideally a candidate should provide:

  • Knowledge in software development and CI/CD
  • Experience with cloud services as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure
  • Knowledge in Linux OS setup and hardening
  • Experience with regards to system security
  • Application monitoring and maintenance
  • Working experience or a degree in computer science / relevant studies
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